Individual development in Java

  • We offer a comprehensive range of services in the Java™ programming language environment.

    Firstly, this language provides a modern, object-oriented programming model, and therefore allows the development of complex systems that can still be maintained easily and adjusted flexibly in the future. And secondly, Java implementations are available on all kinds of platforms enabling applications and libraries generated by us to be ported to these systems with reasonable effort and cost.

    Next to platform-neutral development, the so-called Java Native Interface (JNI) provides the opportunity to address system-oriented applications and services such as the Microsoft Office automation for example.

    Our services in the Java field include the following:

    • Desktop applications and applets
    • Server applications (JEE, JSF/JSP)
    • User interfaces in Swing and Eclipse (Expeditor)
    • Development of Eclipse plug-ins
    • JNI extensions for Windows/Linux/Mac
    • Maintenance and adjustment of existing Java code